Jesus Christ The Greatest Guru
In the Beginning was
the Word
Baptism of Jesus
by John, the Baptis
Jesus turns
Water into Wine
Jesus talking to the
Samaritan Woman
Jesus heals the Paralytic
at the Bethesda Pool
Jesus feeds
the Five Thousand
Jesus forgives
the Sinner
Jesus heals
a Man Born Blind
Jesus said,
"I am the Good Shepherd"
Jesus raising
Lazarus from the Dead
Jesus entering
Jesus washing
the Feet of His Disciples
Jesus said,"I am the Way, and the Truth,and the Life"
Jesus praying
for us
Peter, the Disciple,
denies Jesus
Jesus Crucified
on the Cross
Jesus Rose
from the Grave
Jesus showing His hands
to Thomas, the Disciple
Jesus appearing
to His Disciples